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Our Coaches

Academic Coaches are full-time professionals who work with Aggies one-to-one. Coaches guide you into becoming the most effective, self-regulated learner possible. Coaching is a perfect metaphor for the relationship that develops, because the Academic Coach identifies your strengths and weaknesses and individualizes appropriate activities, much as an athletic coach or a personal trainer assesses an athlete and develops a training regimen.

Academic Coaches will help you: 
  • become a self-regulated learner;
  • understand and use effective learning strategies appropriate to your situation;
  • identify and overcome obstacles that may be impeding your academic success;
  • focus on your goals and identify steps to reaching those goals;
  • develop strong time-management and organization skills;
  • motivate you to take ownership of your own academic success;
  • monitor your progress;
  • refer you, as needed, to other academic services on campus such as academic advising, personal or career counseling, or tutoring.

Make an Appointment with Success

To make an appointment. Click on the make an appointment button above to go to SSC Campus. Once you log in (using your NetID & password), you will click on "Get Assistance" and then select "ASC -Academic Success Center" and then you will be able to make your initial appointment with a coach.

Initial coaching appointments typically last 45 minutes. At the first appointment, the coach assesses your needs and recommends a success plan. The success plan may include follow-up appointments, referrals to academic support services, and assignments designed to develop effective learning strategies or time management skills. If a  follow-up session is needed, the coach monitors your progress during the semester and works with you on various tailored success strategies.