Refer a Student

Academic Success Center (ASC) programs are open to any and all Texas A&M students who desire to be more successful academically.  Academic advisors, faculty, student affairs professionals, administrators, and other staff are often aware of individual students or targeted student groups who would benefit from the services we provide.

Referring Individual Students: Faculty and staff at Texas A&M are encouraged to refer individual students to the ASC.  To begin working with us, students can make an appointment with one of our coaches or register for a workshop or course.

Referring Targeted Groups: Targeted groups of students can also be referred to the ASC. In some cases it may be appropriate to require or recommend that students complete a Success Plan. The ASC can monitor and track the progress of students who are referred and provide periodic reporting to the departments or colleges. Referral agreements can be arranged by contacting Dr. Joel McGee, Director of the ASC.