Success Plans/Certificate Program

Your college or department may require or recommend, often as a condition of scholastic probation, that you complete a Success Plan/Certificate Program with the Academic Success Center.  We offer four different certificate options and strongly encourage you to start working on one of these options during the first several weeks of the semester.  Follow the steps below:

Step One: Attend “Fresh Start Orientation”

The first step is to register for and attend the "Fresh Start Orientation."  These orientation sessions happen only during the first several weeks of the semester and it’s where you will sign-up for your success plan.  Register at  

Please note:  You will need to attend the Fresh Start Orientation each semester that you are asked to complete a certificate/success plan, even if you have attended one in a previous semester.

Step Two: Register for a Certificate/Success Plan Option

At the Fresh Start Orientation, you will choose one of these options for completing a Certificate/Success Plan: 

  1. ASCC 101: This is a semester long, 2-credit hour course. You may only choose this option if the course fits your schedule and you register before the drop/add deadline, which is on the 5th class day of each semester.   To successfully complete ASCC 101, you must earn a letter grade of C or higher. 
  2. Commit to Success:  Commit to Success (CTS) is a 3-week, 6-session seminar. Among the topics covered are time management, note taking, text-book reading, test preparation, memory, metacognition, motivation, and effective study strategies.  CTS has a required attendance policy. 
  3. Motivation Matters (MM): MM is, like CTS, a 3-week, 6-session seminar. MM is recommended to students who have previously completed a certificate program or who are close to graduation. The topics for MM are motivation, mind-sets, and other topics to help you develop strong mental skills that are conducive to academic success and can help you beyond your time at Texas A&M. 
  4. Academic Coaching: You will be given information at Fresh Start about how to schedule your first coaching appointment. At this initial coaching session, you and your Academic Coach will collaborate to develop a plan of action to help you develop effective study strategies and connect you to appropriate academic resources. There are not a fixed number of coaching appointments required in order to earn a certificate.  Since this option is tailored to your specific needs, your academic coach will determine when you have successfully completed this option and have earned a certificate. 

Step Three: Completion and Certificate

Once you have successfully completed your certificate program/success plan, go to and print your certificate of completion.  It is our recommendation that you take a copy of your certificate to the college or department that required/recommended you work with us.  You will need to complete all of the requirements for the option by the deadline set out by your college or department.