Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (also known as SI) is a free, peer-led, academic assistance program designed to improve performance. The Academic Success Center offers three 50-minute sessions per week for selected lower-level undergraduate courses. SI sessions are held outside class, on a regular schedule.

SI sessions are facilitated by SI leaders, undergraduate students who have previously taken and mastered the course. If you attend an SI session, you'll experience active and collaborative learning methods that will help you achieve your course's learning objectives.

For a list of available classes and the related SI schedules click HERE.
Benefits of SupplementaI Instruction

  • Students who attend regularly (10 or more sessions throughout the semester) have statistically been shown to earn half a letter to a full letter grade higher than those students who did not attend.
  • SI Leaders show you not only what to learn but how to learn it
  • SI Leaders emphasize core competencies that can be used beyond the scope of a particular course, including the ability to:
    • identify the main idea;
    • identify the intellectual level at which information needs to be processed;
    • use an appropriate study strategy at the appropriate intellectual level;
    • exercise time management skills to achieve academic goals.