8th Regional Conference on Supplemental Instruction

May 23-26, 2017

Sponsored by the Academic Success Center, Texas A&M University

Whether you are thinking about starting an SI Program or have a well-established program, this conference is a place to learn from each other. One of the most beneficial parts of attending the International Conference on Supplemental Instruction is the time spent collaborating with people from other programs. This regional conference provides a forum for academic administrators, SI professionals, SI faculty, SI leaders, and others interested in peer education to share experiences, concerns, challenges, and success.

Who Should Attend
Anyone interested in Supplemental Instruction and Peer Education -- academic administrators, SI professionals, learning center personnel, and student affairs professions who are connected to SI or peer education, and SI leaders.
If you have questions, please contact Academic Success Center at 979-458-4900 or by e-mail at