Call for Proposals
8th Regional Conference on Supplemental Instruction

May 23-26, 2017

Sponsored by the Academic Success Center, Texas A&M University

Inclusion 360°
At Texas A&M University, inclusion means recognizing and celebrating diversity in age, gender, gender identity or expression, race, ethnicity, culture, social class, physical ability or attributes, religion, national origin, political beliefs, family status, criminal background, socio-economic status, and veteran status.  However, inclusion not only celebrates diversity in identity, but also the unique social and academic needs of individual students who may feel anonymous or lost in large lecture classes. With the size of lecture classes expanding, SI provides a space for students to encounter and interact with course content, engage with other students and discussion, in an environment of inclusion —both in terms of diversity and as meeting the social as well as academic needs of student bodies. SI sessions offer and provide an atmosphere where they can participate without fear of liminal or marginal exclusion. For the 25th Anniversary of SI at Texas A&M, we invite proposals on diversity and inclusion through SI sessions in terms of academic needs, social needs, or in terms of increasing diversity or inclusion. 
We welcome conference sessions that address the conference theme as well as current topics, emerging trends, research findings, best practices, or specific programs on your campuses, etc.  Anyone with experience in Supplemental Instruction, academic coaching, peer coaching, etc. is encouraged to submit a proposal...SI Leaders included!
Selection Criteria:
Program proposals will be reviewed for selection based on appropriateness, creativity of approach, and/or demonstration of expertise by presenters.  Evidence of assessment will strengthen the proposal.
Audio Visual Information:
Conference organizers are able to provide LCD projectors and computers.  If you would like to give a PowerPoint presentation all you will need to bring is a jump-drive with your presentation on it! You will also be able to connect to the internet during your presentation, if so desired.

If you have any questions about completing this form, please call (979) 458-4900 or email us at