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Q: What can I expect from my SI Leader?

Your SI Leader has gone through a competitive selective application and interview process, and often comes with faculty recommendation. SI leaders boast at least a 3.0 GPA (often higher) and made at least a B in the course you are teaching. SI Leaders have a strong academic background, an understanding of the study skills necessary to be an effective student, and an approachable, encouraging, and amiable personality. Furthermore, they go through a two-day training at the beginning of the semester and meet with group leaders at least once a month.  They are observed by supervisors once a semester (minimally) and are required to report session content and attendance weekly.  

Q: Can I choose my own SI Leader?

If you have recommendations for an SI Leader, we will gladly consider them. However, it is not a guarantee that the person you recommend will be your SI Leader. We give preferences to applicants who have been with the program the longest and who meet our guidelines for effective SI Leaders. Class schedules and availability to attend all scheduled lectures is also taken into account.

Q: Can you tell me who attends SI so I can give the students who attend extra credit?

No. While, we appreciate giving the students an incentive to attend SI, and we encourage professors to suggest SI to their students, attending SI is voluntary, and student privacy rights must be taken into consideration

Q: Why should I consent to having SI with my class?

Our data has shown that students who attend SI regularly (10 or more sessions per semester) score half a letter to a full letter grade higher than students who do not attend. Beyond just grades received, students are exposed to effective college level studying habits and interacting with peers. Many students do not realize, especially if they are first time students, that simply memorizing information does not always guarantee success. Further, an SI Leader who has previously taken and mastered the class will serve as a guide and resource for the students.

Q: Will SI sessions compete with my review (help) sessions?

Not at all! SI focuses on how to effectively learn the course material rather than just reviewing the material. Further, if there is a time conflict with review sessions and SI sessions, SI leaders will gladly reschedule, so students can attend both.
If you have any questions or concerns about your SI Leader, please contact the Academic Success Center at 979-458-4900.