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Onion Rings and Santa Clause

We recognize that every transfer students' experience is different, however, we know that many transfers face some of the same challenges as they transition into the university. This blog was created for transfers by transfers to share TIPS and insight on having the best semester you can at Texas A&M University.
    Posted on Friday, Dec 01, 2017

    Howdy, boys and girls. It’s that time of year. It’s time to go home and steal your parents’ paper towels and beef jerky because paper towels and beef jerky are expensive as all get out. It’s time to find that your parents have made your bedroom into a knitting corner. It’s time for your braggy Aunt Kathy to bring over her kids who go to UT and play tennis and were never really the nice, fun cousins. But it’s okay, because it’s still pretty dang great to go home.

    As for me, after a do a little floodly-do across A&M’s graduation stage, I’m headed home to the boonies of east Texas to be reunited with my folks down yonder. I’m going to eat like 57 of those chocolate-covered cherry things that come in a long box and watch Hallmark movies that all have the same plot on repeat (fun workout: do 20 sit ups every time it snows and 100 pushups every time Holly Sue falls in love with the small town contractor instead of the big city entrepreneur who doesn’t believe in the spirit of Christmas). Then my family and I will make our way to Outback Steakhouse, our annual Christmas Eve tradition, to absolutely destroy a blooming onion. Merry Christmas, y’all.

    What are your plans? What are your thoughts on onion rings?

    By Megan LaFleur, School of Public Health
    Photo Attribution: Click here