The Ultimate (Unplanned) Road Trip

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    Posted on Tuesday, Mar 07, 2017
    The Penny game: heads we turn left, tails we go right…
    You and your friends may be great at planning, but my friends and I are notorious for coming up with awesome ideas but not turning them into reality, especially when it comes to Spring Break plans. Big Bend, Florida, and the Grand Cannon are on our Spring Break bucket list, but they’ll probably never get crossed off. However, SB2k16 was the exception. Per usu, nothing was planned, but we flew by the seat of our pants and it ended up being the best yet.
    I’m from Austin, and was just going to spend break at home, so I invited some friends to come with me so I wouldn’t get bored. We went and explored SoCo, Barton Springs, ate a lot of delicious food, and I showed them my favorite parts of Austin. That was great, but we wanted to go somewhere.
    We decided to drive 1.5 hours to Enchanted Rock in Fredericksburg and spend the day there. However, the park was closed when we arrived because there were too many people (this was the 2nd time this happened to me, so I was upset). So we scratched that plan and went into town and hiked Cross Mountain (see pic), which was still fun, but no Enchanted Rock. We swung back by on our way out and it was still closed (3rd time is not the charm)!
    So we decided to play what I call the Penny game. You flip a penny: heads you turn left, tails you go right. And we went for it! The game lead us through a random town where we made some new friends at a gas station. Then it took us to a lake where we ate our packed lunches, had deep conversation and laughed about the situation while enjoying the view. It was beautiful! We would have never had made this great memory if our plans had played out.
    Sometimes things don’t happen for a reason and you just have to go with it, because you never know where the current will take you! Long story short, we spent the rest of the day jamming out in the car while exploring Marble Falls, Longhorn Cavern, and little towns on our way back to Austin. We not only became closer friends, but created memories that will last a lifetime. And that was only one day! Just because you don’t have a plan, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun!
    by Kendall Janke, College of Liberal Arts