Travel close and travel cheaply to Waco, Texas!

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    Posted on Tuesday, Mar 07, 2017
    We all get a little stir crazy sitting around in College Station week after week. Most of the time it feels like any exciting thing there is to do around here has already been done and so we feel like we need to get away. Of course it would be nice if we could set off to wherever whenever, but most of us are ballin on a budget and can’t afford a hotel room or even burn through a few tanks of gas. Fortunately for us Aggies, the city of Waco is a nice and easy day trip that won’t break the bank. Just about 1.5 hours away, there are tons of new and exciting things to do in Waco.
    Magnolia Market at the Solis Shop at the market, eat at the bakery, or from one of the many delicious food trucks! There’s also plenty of areas to lounge around and just enjoy the outdoors!

    BSR Cable Park Equip with cable systems to pull wakeboarders across the water, three giant slides which launch riders through the air, the world’s longest lazy river, and a bar and grill once you’ve worked up and appetite.


    Cameron Park 15 miles of biking and hiking trails with beautiful views of the Brazos River. There’s also a 23-hole disc golf course and of course the Cameron Park Zoo if you’re needing some cute animal therapy after a tough test week.

    The Doctor Pepper Museum You can see the old soda wagons, early 1900s delivery truck, a 7UP bottling line, demonstrations over the science of soft drinks and food, and drink the best tasting Dr. Pepper you’ve ever tasted!
    by Kelly Christy, College of Liberal Arts
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