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Built on Tradition

We recognize that every transfer students' experience is different, however, we know that many transfers face some of the same challenges as they transition into the university. This blog was created for transfers by transfers to share TIPS and insight on having the best semester you can at Texas A&M University.
    Posted on Tuesday, Nov 22, 2016
    We, as a university, are built on tradition. As Americans we are built on tradition as well. The best part of this is that most of our traditions involve FOOD! If this isn’t exciting, I don’t know what is. Speaking of traditions, my family has a few of our own Thanksgiving traditions.

    For starters, we always gather around the living room of my parent’s house, with little cousins running around and my plethora of aunts, uncles, older cousins, and grandparents standing around, and say what we are thankful for. Of course the younger kids say they're thankful for their parents and family, and it’s really cute and funny to hear them do this. Once it moves on to those of us that have a few more years under our belts, the conversation changes to thanks for money, jobs, university, and especially health.

    Another tradition we have is after we BTHO food, we gather outside to play football, tag, hide and seek for the younger kids (and me, of course, because you're never too old to play the best game ever). Apparently a new tradition in our family is that every year, somehow, our neighbor’s donkey/goats/horses get out! This usually ends with us hunting them down and leading them back into their pin. But, hey, it keeps things interesting!
    by Ryke Moore, College of Liberal Arts
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