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Lessons Learned

We recognize that every transfer students' experience is different, however, we know that many transfers face some of the same challenges as they transition into the university. This blog was created for transfers by transfers to share TIPS and insight on having the best semester you can at Texas A&M University.
    Posted on Friday, Oct 13, 2017
    Through successes and failures there are always lessons that can be learned. From receiving an A on an exam that was deemed difficult by your peers, to receiving an F on an exam that was according to your professor, “very straightforward.” Lessons can be learned in any and every situation. In order to adapt to this kind of mindset, there are a couple things that you must do.

    Be willing to accept results and situation as they are.
    Being put in unexpected predicaments without prior warning immediately puts anyone in an uncomfortable state. This in effect can trigger a plethora of emotions that can range either from frustration and unsteadiness, to happiness and elation.  Depending on the degree of the situation and circumstances that surrounding it, overcoming these emotions can be rather difficult. However, it is possible. In order to do so, one must be willing to set aside their pride and substitute humility instead. From there, you must be willing to accept these results as they are and the situation as it is and be willing to move on from there. Nothing that one does in the present moment can change what already has occurred; however what one does in the present moment can make a difference toward their future. With this in mind, it leads us to the second point.

    Learn from your mistakes and benefit from your pleasures.
    This motto is not only key, but it is also short and very simple. This simple phrase emphasizes on the importance of learning from the steps you took that led you to the situation you are in. For example, let’s look at a personal story that involves me. One particular semester I was busy every day. I would wake up, go to class, go to organization meetings, and go home to “do homework”. Planning and effective time management became a hassle, and I struggled on how to manage my priorities, especially when my exams came around. When exams finally did arrive, I wasn’t prepared for one and it reflected dearly. Taking my grade into account, along with the effort and time I was willing to put in, I vowed to be committed to new level of priorities that would better suit me and my academic goals. Now let’s apply this scenario to the introduced phrase. “Learn from your mistakes…” After receiving my results from my exam, I immediately became upset; however I needed to reflect back upon the steps that led me there (procrastination and poor prioritization). Reviewing these steps not only indicate to you what proved beneficial, but what also proved to be hazardous. Finally, “…and benefit from your pleasures”. By acknowledging my mistakes, I immediately made changes to my study habits and how I approached assignments and my time management. With that, I knew without a shadow of doubt that I would see fruition of my hard work pay off. This last part also encourages you to enjoy the blessings you received from your hard work, but also be mindful of the steps you took to get there.

    So never give up, and never settle for less or standards that are less than your value. Push yourself to learn so that you may continue to steadily improve and achieve all that your heart deisres.

    By Deunte Levine, College of Engineering
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