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Texas A&M Changed My Life

We recognize that every transfer students' experience is different, however, we know that many transfers face some of the same challenges as they transition into the university. This blog was created for transfers by transfers to share TIPS and insight on having the best semester you can at Texas A&M University.
    Posted on Friday, Oct 13, 2017
    So let’s get real. Let’s sluff off all of the icing on the cupcake of a topic and get down to the real, honest, nitty-gritty things that I consider the most important things I’ve learned in my life. But before we dive right in I first want to say that without a doubt, being a student at Texas A&M University has forced me to learn some of the toughest lessons in life. That may sound like a negative statement, and in the midst of those hard times I was thinking negatively, but now that there is some space between those hard times and where I am today, I don’t think so pessimistically anymore. That takes a while; to get to that point of clarity. To be at peace about something that used to enrage you and look at it from an angle of positivity. As I began to reflect on my time spent here at A&M I realized that not only did I learn specific skills within my field of study, but I also learned some crucial lessons along the way. Although this isn’t directly stated in your degree plan these lessons are something that every Aggie ends up gaining at the end of one’s time here, and I believe that (with close observation) A&M students experience these common life lessons in a much more meaningful way.

    Now without further ado, my lessons:
    • Persevere like there’s no tomorrow…and then do it again tomorrow, and the next day, and forever. This leads me to my next lesson.
    • Passion - Don’t underestimate how passionate you need to be about the field you are going into. If your walls start closing in when someone asks you “are you okay with working this topic and for the rest of your life” then you may need to do a little soul searching/go to the career center to find out how you can fix that. Without passion it makes the first bullet awful hard to achieve.
    • Resilience - Your life is way more important than your pride, your negativity. If you are able to treat all mistakes as lessons and confidently say that you will do everything in your power to do better next time then you are one step ahead of the game I was playing my first semester here. After that though comes the hardest part, which is moving on from that incident and not having negative feelings about it. This lesson was the hardest thing for me to learn ever. And this leads me to another HUGE lesson.
    • Know when to ask for help and follow through - I’m sure that most of us have heard that phrase about stupidity, but for those who haven’t or for those who need a reminder: the rough definition of stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. If you are struggling and don’t know what to do, before you get frustrated walk over to Rudder Tower and see me, and academic coach, ask about where there is tutoring, or just come and talk. Dig deep for that perseverance even when you don’t want to because guess what…?
    • EVERYONE IS ALMOST CERTAINLY AS LOST AS YOU. - We’re all lost. You know that person in your class that you see walk in everyday and you’re like, “man they have their stuff together.” Yeah, they probably don’t, at least probably not in the way that you are imagining. It’s all about knowing when you are wrong, being brave enough to admit that to yourself, and then finding out how to figure that problem out one step at a time. No one is a genius and no one is perfect at anything, and that isn’t expected of you. The goal should be to be the most perfect YOU that you can be and that will take you you’re entire life to accomplish.
    • So my last bit of advice before I leave you is this: take a deep breath and focus on today.  Focus on what you are in control of and then go dominate the hell out of it. Because YOU are an Aggie and at the end of the day, that’s something to be proud of. Get out there and show people who you are, and remember that the Aggie Family will always have your back! Thanks and Gig'Em!
                                                                                               By Hailey Byers, College of Geoscience
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