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Tough Times Don't Last, But Tough People Do

We recognize that every transfer students' experience is different, however, we know that many transfers face some of the same challenges as they transition into the university. This blog was created for transfers by transfers to share TIPS and insight on having the best semester you can at Texas A&M University.
    Posted on Friday, Oct 13, 2017
    Let’s get real here – school, social relationships and just life in general can be HARD. It’s especially difficult when you’re suddenly thrown into adulthood, having to figure out how to be an adult while also going to school. In my personal experience, starting my sophomore year hear at A&M was hard. I don’t mean for this to scare you, but, it was difficult for me to be alone without my mom showing me how to cook or my dad helping me change the tire on my car. I had to grow up fast and I learned some of the most important lessons of my life here.

    First, I learned that it’s okay to NOT be okay. I always thought that as a college student/adult I had to always have my life together and be 100% okay all the time. I saw so many other people look like they had their life together with their major and their futures. Turns out, no one is ever 100% okay, and no one has their life completely together all the time. We are all struggling with something and going through life trying to figure out how to deal with it.

    This brings me to my second lesson; if you need help, go ask for it! Even though I was struggling, my pride was too big for me to go ask for help when I needed it. This caused a lot of problems for me because we have so many resources here that could have helped but I didn’t use. Some examples were the free tutoring we have on campus or SI sessions (supplemental instruction) after my hard biology class. So this is me telling you that it doesn’t make you dumb or weak if you go ask for help. A&M is a university that wants to see you succeed and will help you in your process to get there. In addition to that, we (the Transfer Student Peer Mentor Program) want to help you reach your goal no matter what it is.

    My last lesson for you is to get out of your comfort bubble and experience life. Have you ever heard that saying “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” by Neale Walsch? Well he wasn’t wrong. When you leave your comfort zone, you experience so many more exciting things. For me, getting out of my comfort zone meant throwing my pride away, and not only asking for help when I needed it but actually going out and meeting new friends. I went to a school with a graduating class of 52 and I graduated with the same people I knew since Pre-K. I had the same friend group for 15 years and I never had or felt the need to learn how to make new ones. Then I got here and everything changed. I knew no one and it got lonely. So I had to teach myself how to make friends again and it turns out it’s not as scary as you may think! I went to T-Camp (something WAY out of my comfort zone) and met two of my best friends there. I joined ARC (Aggie Recruitment Committee) and met another batch of my friends there. Recently I applied to be a peer mentor and was able to add so many amazing people to my friend group.

    So, I hope you can take some of these lessons and apply them to your own life, they were hard to learn but have helped me immensely. Finally, what I want you to take away from this slightly dramatic blog is that you’re doing great. I know it can be hard but we’re Aggies and we’re the roughest, toughest, most real stuff people out there!

    By Sarah Penoli, College of Liberal Arts
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