Thank you for your interest in applying for our Transfer Student Peer Mentor positions. We are hiring several mentors from multiple colleges. The application process involves two steps.

Step 1: Submit application online
Step 2: Submit 2 reference forms  (References from faculty, former supervisors and/or counselors preferred but not required) 

After submitting your application in Step 1, you will be directed to Step 2 of the application process involving reference letters.  The easiest way to fill out the reference form is to email the FORM LINK to your references. 

Before you begin Step 1 you will need:
A. A copy of your resume
B. A copy of your current class schedule

( ) -
Defined by: delayed enrollment to college after high school, worked full time prior to attending college full or part time, has/had dependents (spouse, partner, children and may also be sole caregiver of other family members), older than average college student.
Does not disqualify you to apply if the answer is “no” but the field is required
1. What unique qualities and/or traits will you bring to this position?

2. As a peer mentor, why do you feel you would be able to assist transfer students in making a successful transition to Texas A&M University?

3. As a new transfer student, what was the most challenging experience you had at Texas A&M University?

4. Please give examples of when you have felt overwhelmed academically.

5. Please share any special interests/hobbies/organizations that you have or participate in.

6. Have you ever worked and gone to school at the same time, if yes, how did/do you manage to keep up with your studies and work commitments?  If no, why do you think you can work 10-12 hours per week and maintain balance in your life? 

7. What social media platforms are you familiar with and use most often?
8. What else would you like us to know about you, perhaps something not captured in the application?    

Thank you for filling out Step 1 of the application process. Please submit this application and continue to Step 2, OR submit this application and complete Step 2 at a later date.

*DEADLINE TO APPLY with all of the accompanying documenation is MARCH 24, 2017